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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Whips Slidin To Sudamar's Block Party

Whips Slidin To Sudamar's Block Party

Mayra's Range Rover Evoque, K-Stunna's Teal Donk on 30's Forgiatos N Candy Gold SRX on 32"s Forgiatos Slidin

Teal Donk on 30's Forgis Slidin

30's N 32's Slidin On the Highway

Mayra Leading the Line Up

Pompano Whip Game Heavy!

K-Stunna's Teal Donk on 30's Driving from Pompano to Homestead! Motor Game Heavy!

Hellrell's Candy Gold SRX4 on 32"s Forgiatos Highway Slidin!

Both Whips Sprayed by Sudamar!

2013 Audi A7 on 22" Savinis

Pullin Up at the Block Party

Sudie Block Party on SMASH!

Candy Tangerine Mercedes-Benz GLK350 on 26" ASANTIS

Sprayed by Sudie!

Candy Teal Chevy Bubble Lifted on 30" DUB HAM Floaters Sprayed by Sudie!

Candy Rootbeer Chevy Camaro on 30" Forgiatos Sprayed by MHP

Super-Zoe's Ford Excursion on 30" ASANTIS

One of the Loudest Trucks in Da Game!

Outrageous Infiniti FX35 on 26" Azioni Forgiatos

Super-Zoe's Clean Excursion on 30" ASANTIS

Mayra's Ranger Rover Evoque Coming SOON!! N Candy Rootbeer Camaro on 30's Forgiatos

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