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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pics Submitted by B-MO

Pics Taken by B-MO Photography

Black Porsche Panamera on GOLD 22" Taglio Forgiatos

GOLD Forgiatos

Outrageous Chevy Impala on 26" DAVIN Slide Floaters

Chevy Avalanche on 32" DAVIN Floaters N Vert on 26's Rockstars

Candy Red Ford Edge on 30" DAVIN Floaters N White SRX on 32's Rockstars

Red Chevy Donk on 26" Lexanis

Outrageous Miami Pink Infiniti G35 on 26" Enzo Forgiatos

Whips On the Scene

Lauren's Candy Gold Nissan Murano Vert on 32" Forgiatos

Outrageous Pink Chrysler 300 on 30" Rockstars

Candy Red Ford Edge on 30" DAVIN PWRFL Floaters

White Cadillac SRX on 32" Rockstars

Purple Chevy Vert on 26" Asanti Rims

World's First Pontiac G6 on 28" Rockstars

 Candy Lime Gold Chevy Camaro on 28" DUB Swyrl Floaters

Red Chevy Camaro SS on 28" DUB Skirt Floaters

Outrageous Lexus RX350 on 28" DUB Da- U Floaters

Outrageous Dodge Challenger on 26" ASANTIS

Outrageous Honda Accord on 26" DUB Stashola Floaters

Outrageous Chevy Monte Carlo on 26" FIore Forgiatos

Outrageous Flip Dodge Challenger on 26" Asantis


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