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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

2021 Genesis GV80 on 26" Ruccis

 White 2021 Genesis GV80 on 26" Ruccis 

GV80 Genesis on 26's 

GV Sittin Clean on 26's 

Big SUV on Big 6's 

Exclusive Trunk Interior Lights up At Night

Choppin Hard on 6's Rucci Forged

GV80 Slidin Thru real Clean

Applyin Pressure in the Genesis Game 

Shouts out to the Homie @Bhigh_life

One of the Cleanest GV80's in the Game Right Now 

He Really Snapped with this One 

@Superior.Shelbie Doin A Feature on this Genesis

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Grown Man Flow

Is this the GV80 King?

White 2021 Genesis GV80 on 26" Rucci Forged

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