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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jd's Candy Red Pontiac GP on 28"s Davin Floaters N T2's Lime Gold GP GTP on 30" DAVIN Floaters

Jd's Candy Red Pontiac Grand Prix on 28"s Davin Att1 Floaters N T2's Candy Lime Gold Pontiac Grand Prix  GTP on 30" DAVIN Twstd Floaters Tag Team at WTW

Tag Team Pontiac Grand Prix on DAVIN Floaters!

Lauderdale N Orlando Grand Prix's Tag Team!

JD's WET Candy Red Grand Prix on 28" DAVIN ATT1 Floaters

T2's Candy Lime Gold Grand Prix GTP on 30" DAVIN TWSTD Floaters

Both Whips Lifted by WTW Customs 

Checkout The Height Difference Between 28's N 30's

Da Grand Prix Game OVer!

ATT1 Floaters Or TWSTD Floaters?

JD'S Candy Red GP on 28" ATT1 Floaters And T2's Lime Gold GP on 30" TWSTD Floaters

Call WTW at 754-200-6050

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Call-Text Me @ 754-221-6764


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