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Friday, March 29, 2013

Sudamar- Candy Teal BMW X6 on 30" ASANTIS

WET Candy Teal BMW X6 on 30" ASANTIS Sprayed by SUDAMAR 786-255-4382 -- USE COUPON CODE: Ace1whips

Twin's WET Candy Teal X6 on 30's!


After a WET Teal Paintjob:

Exclusive Painted 30's Asantis

Twin Killin Da X6 Game! First X6 on 30's Now Wetted Up Teals!

Candy Teal X6 on 30" Asantis Painted by Sudamar

Call Sudie at 786-255-4382 And Use Coupon Code: Ace1Whips 

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Call-Text Me @ 754-221-6764


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